NO FEAR - Dispute Avoidance for Managers and Supervisors


The NO FEAR Act of 2002 ( The Notification and Federal Employee Anti-Discrimination and Retaliation) requires managers and supervisors to have this interactive training to reduce the probability of claims having an impact on both an organization's mission and budget. This one-day interactive training session is designed for managers and supervisors to get in tuned with their socialization. Further, awareness of what a Significant Emotional Event (SEE) can do to affect all of our experiences in determining how we act, and respond to different situations. Managers and Supervisors too often are not given the tools to resolve disputes before more formalized actions are taken, thus causing prolonged legal disputes. EEO programs, too often, don't have time to be proactive because of the number of regulatory activities that cloud their time. This class is designed to eliminate the EEO contact initially, by providing managers and supervisors not only a thorough understanding of the rights and responsibilities inherent in any employment category, but also tools to resolve the dispute before it takes on a new life of its own. Included in this course is training in dispute resolution using the Moore & Associates Negotiated Settlement Discussion for Managers and Supervisors Quik Reference Checklist. Take the EEO, HR and legal staff out of the loop early - Resolve your own internal disputes now - not 5 years later. Designed for all levels of supervisors, team leaders, managers, directors and senior executives. This course has proven to be very effective for senior and mid-level military managing civilian employees.