Monica R. Boney

Boney Consulting & Associates is an affiliate of Moore & Associates providing dedicated professionals designed to provide training, consulting in EEO, training, advising, counseling, mediation and Diversity management services to clients worldwide. Monica, originally a New Jersey native, now resides in St. Louis, MO.

Monica, a true professional brings 25 years of experience, creativity, tenacity, and dedication to provide services to both the civilian sector and the military sector.

Monica, a disabled veteran, retired from the US Army after serving 20 years, a decorated veteran with 11 deployments and tours worldwide, to include Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Panama as an psychological Intel leader.  Additionally while serving duties as an equal opportunity advisor to the Army Commander.

Monica also served as a Master trainer before her retirement at the Department of Defense, where she provided training, mediation, consulting and advise to senior leaders throughout the agency, Monica uses her expert communication and negotiation skills to provide cogent and timely information necessary for maintaining positive relationships throughout the organization.

Monica is a certified expert instructor in the EEO, mediation and Diversity arena, she hold a top secret clearance, utilizing the most advanced techniques available in assisting organizations, both public and private in their quest to create an environment where all are treated with dignity and worth.

Monica is a graduate of University of Maryland where she received a Bachelor degree in accounting, and Webster University, MO with a Master degree in Human Resources Management.  She is a certified mediator and Master Trainer. 

She and her husband, Robert have two children: Andre and Ericka.