Moore & Associates provides EEO / HR Consulting, Training, EEO Counseling, Mediation Training and Mediation Services, and Diversity Programs for large and small organizations, both public and private. The main objective of Moore & Associates is to provide the service that you need, not what we think you want. A careful review of your challenges precludes any offering of service, be they conflict resolution, training, advisory or counseling. You are in CHARGE! We will work together to tailor a program that suits your needs and the needs of your organization. Our years of experience qualifies us to provide you with the knowledge, skills and abilities you need today, to make you successful tomorrow. Moore & Associates is a diverse group of qualified professionals equally capable to meet your EEO and HR needs. Whether your needs are for consultants, mediators, EEO counselors or expert trainers, we all stand ready to assist you in your positive progression into the 21st century.


Inscape Publishing is well known for the self-directed assessments that helped make us the world leader in DiSC® learning resources. Our research-based self-assessments provide a framework for people to learn about themselves and others in a comfortable, non-threatening way. Along with a wide range of self-assessments, Inscape Publishing offers everything trainers need to administer our profiles and programs in facilitated sessions. Facilitator's Kits contain a Facilitator's Manual that provides research and technical background, a fully-scripted seminar, PowerPoint® presentations and reproducible handouts, and two profiles. Some kits include specialty products that enhance product training, such as highlighters or game supplies. Presentation Materials on CD-ROM come in the form of a Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation. The CD includes reproducible handout and four versions of a customizable training presentation: light background, dark background, black and white, and transparency. Compatible PC and Microsoft® Powerpoint® software required. Facilitator's Sourcebooks are available for select products, including Work Expectations Profile and Transition - The Personal Path Through Change. Sourcebooks include background information, administration details, application options, activities, and a CD-ROM containing a PowerPoint presentation for training and handout masters.


To help organizations explore and address specific challenges, we have assembled our most popular self - discovery tools. Each of these instruments can be used as a standalone product or together in various combinations. They're particularly effective when used in conjunction with other DiSC® products. Do a comparison of products to your needs. Click here for a product/needs matrix.



The spark of true understanding. Clarity, perspective, vision. Insight is the catalyst for meaningful change. Unleash the power or insight. Adventures In Attitude Transition-Personal Path Dimensions of Leadership Profile Through Change.


If your organization has experienced DiSC® through DiSC® Classic or another of Inscape Publishing's premiere learning instruments, extend the power of DiSC® with Inscape's DiSC® action planners. DiSC® action planners are research-based learning instruments that help people take the insights gained from DiSC® and apply them to specific business applications Increasing Effectiveness in the following areas.